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PECO Pallet, Inc.

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PECO Pallet is simply one of the best rental pallet providers in North America, and the company’s passionate commitment to quality and service has saved its customers millions of dollars. PECO’s superior quality wood block pallets are used to ship fresh produce, grocery, CPG, and private label products to retailers and distribution centers throughout the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. PECO Pallet’s experienced team also finds innovative ways to improve efficiency throughout the supply chain—leading to significant long-term savings.

PECO maintains the exceptional quality of its pallet pool by inspecting, sorting, cleaning, and repairing pallets each time they cycle through a depot. PECO also takes pride in providing responsive 24/7 customer service, delivering pallets on time, and offering a simplified “all-in-one” price per pallet.

PECO Pallet is based in Irvington, New York, and maintains over 1,500 service centers and manufacturing plants throughout the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.


PECO Pallet

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PECO Pallets Now Accepted at Canadian Tire Stores 10/12/2016

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PECO Pallet, Inc.
2 Bridge Street
Suite 210
Irvington, NY 10533

Toll Free: 877-227-7326
Phone: 914-376-5444
Fax: 914-376-7376

David Casarez
Director of Sales


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