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Actiw Oy

Booth #S4639

Actiw is a Finland based manufacturer and systems integrator, specialized in automatic sequencing, load forming and truck and container loading solutions. Actiw's automated loading and load forming solutions represent the latest technology in the global markets.

Actiw LoadPlate is a one shot solution for loading complex cargo, such as timber, steel and project goods into regular, unmodified containers, trucks and trailers.
Standard LoadPlate can be equipped with transfer car function for flexible and efficient loading of multiple containers one after another.

Actiw LoadMatic is an automatic solution for loading palletized or palletless goods, in one shot, into regular containers and trailers without any modifications.
LoadMatic can be seamlessly integrated to production and warehouse systems by various load forming solutions.

Actiw Sequencer is an extremely efficient and flexible buffering and load preparation solution moving products in correct sequence at the right time.


Actiw LoadMatic
Actiw LoadPlate
Actiw Sequencer

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Actiw Oy
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Phone: +358 207 424 820
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Riikka Heiskanen
Business Development Manager
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