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VITRONIC Machine Vision Ltd.

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VITRONIC - The Auto-ID Solution

VITRONIC is an owner-managed group of companies comprising VITRONIC GmbH with its headquarters in Wiesbaden and several inter-national subsidiaries. The group is a leader in industrial machine vision covering a wide spectrum from standard products with customer-specific upgradeable modules to individually customized solutions in its core sectors logistics and industrial automation and traffic technology.

Our Auto-ID solutions are comprised of powerful cameras and machine vision software capable of reliably capturing all standard codes on large letters, polybags, parcels and pallets. The cameras capture an image of a package and of the characteristics or information related to it. The software uses this image to detect, analyze and read barcodes, 2D codes and characters (OCR) – even under foil. And that‘s not all – various code types in one image, very small codes, logos and symbols are all captured as well.

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Auto-ID Systems for efficient data capture
Auto-ID solutions are comprised of powerful cameras and machine vision software reliably capturing all standard codes on large letters, polybags, parcels, pallets. The cameras capture images of a package and of the characteristics or Information related to it. The software uses this image to detect, analyze and read 1D-/2D codes or characters (OCR)
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Overview of VITRONIC's product range for parcel, warehouse and distribution
VICAM 3S – The Next-generation Line-scan Camera
The all-in-one line-scan camera VICAM 3S has an extremely high line frequency and largest depth of field on the market. The camera with its integrated decoding ensures precise data capture and processing of the shipment data. VICAM 3S generates high-res images of shipments in-line, reads codes and transfers the data to control Systems or ERP/WMS.
VICAM SSI2 - A Reliable Solution for High-end Applications
For highest read rates at fast conveyor speeds, VICAM SSI2 is the right product. Almost anything is possible – from top-side reading with just one camera to customized solutions such as OCR including database management or complex videocoding applications. With more than 7.000 units installed world-wide, the camera has proven its reliability.
VOLUMEC HD – Certified Volume Measurement
The 3D volume measurement system VOLUMEC HD captures the dimensions of of shipments up to conveyor speeds of 3.0 m/s. Thanks to innovative laser and camera technology, volumes are calculated with max. precision, even for very flat or dark colored items. The system is certified according to NTEP, MID and OIML and allows legal-for-trade applications.


VITRONIC - The Auto-ID Solution
VITRONIC's machine vision systems measure the volume of boxes, weigh products in motion, inspect deliveries for defects and deformities, and read all standard codes and text - completely automatically. Even if codes are very small, damaged, or poorly printed, or if several codes are used simultaneously (for example, barcodes, 2D codes, data matrix codes, etc.), the data is captured accurately and automatically sent to the customer's ERP system. This is made possible by a camera-based Auto-ID system with specially developed software. Unlike conventional laser scanners, high-performance cameras generate complete images for archiving.

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VITRONIC at ProMAT, April 3-6, 2017, Chicago, USA 1/20/2017

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VICAM 3S – The line-scan camera of the next generation
VICAM 3S is a new line-scan camera for barcode and 2D-code reading at high transport speeds of up to 4.5 m/s. Until now most systems for these demanding applications require an external decoding unit and have a large footprint because of bulky illumination systems. The VICAM 3S has an integrated, linux-based decoding unit, a high intense LED illumination and is still the smallest and most lightweight Auto-ID line-scan camera on the market. With about ...

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