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Radley Corporation

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Radley Corporation provides a platform of EDI, Warehouse and Manufacturing software solutions which allow organizations to re-engineer their business processes and workflows for optimum efficiency. Incorporating industry-specific functionality in a configurable and easy-to-use interface, Radley offers Data Collection, Asset Tracking, Inventory Control, Traceability, Labor Tracking, Containerization & Task Management software that adapts to your unique requirements. Affordable whether integrated to your ERP or implemented as a stand-alone solution, Radley consultants have the expertise to evaluate, install, configure and support your needs whatever your industry and environmental challenges may be.

A competitive edge is crucial in today’s manufacturing world; find out how Radley can help get your workforce operating at maximum productivity, production costs lowered, compliance/quality standards met and overall efficiency increased, all while continuing to grow your business.

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Radley Asset Tracking
Eliminate manual tracking processes to maximize efficiency and gain real-time comprehensive reporting for full visibility as assets move throughout the supply chain or within your organization.
Radley Containerization & Kitting
Create kits of components needed for assembly and consolidate manufacturing & warehouse scans/transactions with our highly configurable serial number system, powered by our trademarked IntelliLabel® technology. Radley’s Containerization & Kitting Solution provides powerful options for the tracking and movement of materials.
Radley iCARaS Automotive EDI
iCARaS incorporates Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) communications and trading-partner-specific logic to offer a complete release management and automotive shipping solution. Feature rich, robust and secure, iCARaS is loaded with comprehensive automotive reporting and built-in dashboards to inform and alert users to critical events.
Radley Inventory Control
Radley Inventory Control fills the software gap for medium or large companies who need to manage inventory that either can’t be tracked in their current system, are at separate locations or require control at a granular level. Integrate to compliment an existing ERP or back-end system to streamline receipts, label printing, moves & cycle counts.
Radley iREDI B2B EDI
As a next generation EDI solution for B2B automation, iR*EDI (pronounced I Ready) is feature rich, robust and secure. iR*EDI leverages Radley’s extensive experience to enhance ease of use and the operational efficiencies of day-to-day EDI operations and business process management. Free up precious IT resources from EDI tasks.
Radley iSC Supplier Collaboration
Smaller, less sophisticated suppliers can lack the physical and financial resources to implement a full EDI solution. Radley’s iSC Supplier Collaboration solution gives you the ability to manage transactions with your suppliers via an easy to use internet-based Web Portal that even your smallest suppliers can utilize.
Radley Labor Tracking
Eliminate time consuming, error-prone manual processes for tracking labor, measuring productivity, quality and OEE by implementing a fully automated labor tracking solution to streamline the collection of information you need to make smart, data-driven decisions for your business.
Radley Machine Monitoring
Radley Machine Integration & Monitoring is the portal between your ERP and shop floor systems. Meet your continuous improvement initiatives with reliable automatic data collection from all of your data sources. Automatically collect, analyze and store the real-time activities of each PLC-equipped machine.
Radley MES & WMS Solutions
Whether you’re looking to enhance an existing ERP/Business System or implement a full warehouse management solution, Radley’s platform of pre-built, configurable and scalable products can help you streamline your unique processes, consolidate tasks and automate workflows to gain the most efficiency.
Radley Shop Floor Control
Improve line and plant performance, boost profitability and achieve real-time visibility with Radley’s easy-to-use shop floor HMI. Empower your workers with immediate access to critical information to reduce or eliminate the risk of non-compliance, while improving reliability, process efficiencies and production throughput.
Radley Task Management
Radley’s Task Management solution takes dynamic, multi-step tasks and consolidates them into a single work flow for assignment to warehouse staff, helping to achieve the maximum efficiency during the work day. It also controls the interleaving of tasks; allowing workers to complete replenishments, put-aways and picks in a logical sequence.
Radley Traceability
Radley Traceability is an On-Premise software solution that allows you to collect, track, manage and store unlimited data attributes from throughout your supply chain. Traceability records are easily shared and accessible by drilling down into the database with robust query options and reporting.
RFID Solutions
Radley provides a complete end-to-end RFID solution, not just one piece of the puzzle. Our knowledgeable team of partners and consultants work with you to engineer a system specific to your business processes. Based on requirements, industry and environment, we help you select the right hardware and equipment.

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