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InSite Solutions

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InSite Solutions/Stop-Painting offers solutions and resources for businesses seeking to visually organize an office, plant or warehouse facility. As a small business, we saw a need in the industry for better floor tape and adhesive safety signs. We designed and patented a new floor tape with a beveled edge and recessed adhesive that was (and still is) unlike anything on the market today. We've conducted case studies and product tests and we're confident we have the best floor marking products on the market.

But we're more than just a floor tape manufacturer. We are advocates for visual workplaces and are passionate about helping companies achieve their Lean and 5S goals. Stop-Painting specializes in floor marking tapes and offers our in-house designed and manufactured Superior Mark Floor Tape -- the best floor-tape on the market. If you're looking for resources and tools for getting your warehouse, plant or facility better organized, we can help. Come see us at Booth S4820.

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All about Superior Mark® Floor Tape
This flyer shows why our in-house designed and manufactured Superior Mark® Floor Tape is the best floor marking product you'll find.
How-To Guide for Painting Concrete Floors
Stop painting your concrete floors and get more productive and efficient with floor tape. We use this how-to guide as an illustration of why you should STOP PAINTING. Painting requires a three day minimum of lost production time, as well as labor spent painting, and not making you money. Check it out for yourself.
Stop-Painting Catalog
See all of our products in our latest catalog


Superior Mark Floor Tape: Compared to Competitors
See why Superior Mark Floor Tape is the best product on the market.

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InSite Solutions
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Superior Mark® Floor Tape
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