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Safety Systems & Controls, Inc.

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SSC designs and manufactures products that enhance drivability and safety of industrial and commercial equipment. Our Access Control/Impact Sensing kit records and limits who has access to a vehicle. To protect the truck from operator abuse, SSC's Dot-Lok shift inhibitor requires travel and engine speeds be in an acceptable shift range to prevent shock load damage to the truck. By adding traction control, we reduce tire spin and further reduce shock load damage. SSC's Pace-One G2 speed limiter can limit a truck to one top speed or selectively limit the truck to four top speed settings with our Zone Speed Control. The goal with ZSC is to provide increased safety where needed and increased travel speeds in areas where it is safe to do so. PedGuard creates a mobile safe zone, any truck that comes within 40 +/- feet of a transmitter automatically slows down. Lastly, we respond quickly to changing customer needs as our products are built domestically, right here in Houston, TX.

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Safety Systems & Controls, Inc.
1729 Brittmoore Road
Building E
Houston, TX 77043-2730

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