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Dreistern Inc

Booth #S225

Dreistern is a German manufacturer of Rollforming Systems and Tube Mills with systems set-up and implemented at customer locations world-wide.
Up-rights, shelves, cross supports and custom welded tube systems utilizing conventional materials to ultra-high-strength steels with tensile strengths exceeding 1,500 MPa. Piercing, welding, bending, and packaging tasks are fully integrated into the production process.
As its latest groundbreaking development Dreistern introduced Roll Forming Lines in “Multifunctional Design”, allowing fast and easy adaption to new products with new requirements. The technology is based on highly flexible manufacturing modules with integrated control units, which can be placed at any position within the line.

Dreistern has a workforce of approx. 230 people at locations in Schopfheim, Germany and Telford, Pa, USA.

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Dreistern Inc
801 Tech Drive
Telford, PA 18969

Phone: 215 799 0220
Fax: 215 799 0420

Scott Slagle
Sales Manager


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