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Vision Capture

Posted by Numina Group Inc. (booth # S3452)

Summary of Innovation

Numina Group’s latest advancement, RDS™, Real-time Distribution System Webcam is an intelligent internet appliance that simplifies and lowers the cost of adding vision based image capture to an order in-line scan-weigh-audit system. The Webcam is now a standard component in the RDS™ Scan-Weigh- Audit station that enhances order auditing by automatically capturing a high resolution internal carton content image. The technology is ideally suited for customer service because it validates order shipment requirements.
RDS™- Vision-Audit uses the carton barcode to trigger the Webcam to capture and time stamp the internal carton content image, including the carton weight and dimensional measurements. By including vision capture as a standard component of order Scan-Weigh-Audit, quality control and customer service has an indisputable means to verify the internal content of a re-packed carton shipped to a customer. RDS™ software includes a carton history database viewing and retrieval tool to view and e-mail images and order level details for customer’s electronic visual verification records for both re-pack and full case shipments.
Every carton shipment can now have a clear high resolution picture of the SKUs contained in the carton or the outside of the case. Any order pick that fails the dimensional-weight audit is diverted to the QC inspection lane. Cartons that pass the in-line audit are time-stamped and the image is recorded with the carton pick and weight validation records in the RDS™ carton history database.

Innovation Statement

The RDS™ Webcam vision-audit directly records and transmits the digital image record of internal carton or a case identification. Messages are sent directly to SQL databases and are easily mapped to customer service ERP Systems to assist in resolving customer shipment disputes.


An image including the order barcode and weight is worth a 1,000 words when resolving a customer shipment dispute! RDS™ Webcam provides a time stamped shipment image at a fraction of the cost compared to past vision audit technologies.


Posted Date 1/10/17
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